Student Resources

Students are often the first to notice when a peer is in distress and may need some assistance. Student Intervention Services is available to help you support a friend or peer in need. 

In addition to Student Intervention Services, the University has numerous resources available to serve and support you. If you are not sure which resource is best suited to support you, please contact SIS and we will ensure you are connected with the appropriate support.

If you want to talk to someone at the University of Pennsylvania:

Counseling and Psychological Services

215-898-7021 (24/7)
Any student can speak to a trained clinician by phone, day or night. Students can schedule virtual appointments as well.

The University Chaplain’s Office

Provides pastoral support, informal advising, and counseling to students in need of care and comfort, “to be a shoulder, to be an ear, to be a friend, to be a fellow sojourner, to be an advocate, and a faithful presence.” The Chaplain’s Office works with faith communities and campus ministers who also provide spiritual support. Students of all faiths are warmly welcomed.

If you need academic support:

Academic Advisor

Students who have academic concerns or who have experienced a crisis that affects their coursework should speak with an academic advisor.

If you aren’t sure where to go or you’re concerned about a friend:

The Division of Public Safety’s HELP line

The HELP Line is a 24-hour-a-day phone number for members of the Penn community who are seeking time-sensitive help in navigating resources for health and wellness. Calls are answered 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, by a Division of Public Safety professionals trained in mental health referrals by Counseling and Psychological Services staff.

Parent Resources

Campus life commonly presents students with academic, emotional, and social concerns, and at certain times your student may need support to face these challenges. Parents can be the first to recognize your student needs additional support. Penn Parents offers an extensive list of resources to support your student. If you believe your student may be in need of support, please contact Student Intervention Services. 

If you are concerned for the health and safety of your student after hours:

Staff and Faculty Resources

Faculty and staff are sometimes the first point of contact for a student in distress. Throughout the academic year, faculty and staff may witness situations that seem to adversely affect the lives of a student, their friends, family, or other members of our community. If you know of a student or community member who may be in need, please contact Student Intervention Services. 

If you are concerned for the health and safety of a student or community members after hours: